Alice and the White Rabbit Jungle Book The Lost Forest Aladdin mermarella Shakespeare versus Moliere
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Jungle Book

You may think you know Jungle Book, but Indigo Moon Theatre brings you a surprisingly good story inspired by the poetry & spirit of Rudyard Kipling's original books.


This colourful tale from the Arabian Nights set in the Middle East is told through Giant Shadow theatre and brought into the 21st Century with original music by Haviel Perdana.

Alice and the White Rabbit

A stunning and colourful adaptation, celebrating modern large scale shadow theatre techniques and mixed media, also the origin of Lewis Carroll's inspiration for the white rabbit!

The Lost Forest

A fun and dynamic show about the destruction of the Rainforest and the plight of the animals. Colourful Indonesian rod puppets combine with digital projection and shadows.

The Worm that Squirmed

Indonesian rod puppets tell of a squirmy worm that causes chaos wherever he goes. A cheerful, funny and very visual show.


Dancing marionette from Rajasthan, accompanied by live sitar and/or tabla.

The Pink Centipede

Interactive theatre for three to eleven year olds. The story of the Pink Centipede and all the obstacles she meets on her journey.

The Catfish and the Witch

An old folk tale told through shadow puppetry with live music and voice. This show is not currently touring.