Live interactive theatre for 3-7 year olds

Interactive Theatre for young children, where the audience become the legs (and obstacles!) of the pink centipede!

This is the story of the Pink Centipede’s journey and all the obstacles she meets along the way. If she has a goal in life, she must make sure all her legs work together! You could be the one to help her do this, and learn a song or two along the way, as we go to the forest, bushes and stormy seaside. Get in on the action – you’re all part of the show!

This show was originally devised and toured in Bulgaria several years ago and was adopted by Indigo Moon when it was brought to the UK by ex-state Puppet Theatre actress Dessi Tanovska, now resident in London.

Apart from just being a fun show, The Pink Centipede also has a lot to offer in educational contexts. The Pink Centipede shows her audience how to turn any situation into a positive one – until she discovers that she won’t go anywhere in life unless she co-operates with her legs. The children not only keep repeating the Pink Centipede’s favourite song, they also repeat simple actions such as swimming or stamping their feet with the Pink Centipede. Whilst the material of this show is targeted at key stage 1 and reinforces skills such as counting and listening, key stage 2 children can also enjoy the role-play of this interactive piece.

Performers: Dessi Tanovska & Anna Ingleby
Music adapted by Haviel Perdana

Duration 30-40 mins

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