A collaboration between French Compagnie Via Cane & Indigo Moon Theatre
Suitable for Adults / Age 12+

What if Shakespeare and Moliѐre were our contemporaries? What would they write about migrants come from the world over? A wave of migrants has landed on French and English shores, all hoping for a better life.

Grandeur and decadence, social upheaval and love affairs are brought to life by a puppeteer from each country, each playing the role of a border guard… a highly visual bilingual production bringing classic texts into a very contemporary context…

Here’s a mighty original battle! Shakespeare versus Moliѐre casts an eye over the historic rivalry which binds together England and France: two countries with destinies so intertwined. This challenge apart, this creative collaboration between two puppet companies from either side of the Channel — using table–top Puppetry, Acting , objects, live cued Music & projection, sees them drawing upon the genius of Shakespeare, Moliѐre and other great playwrights to boot.

Written by: Jean-Frederic Noa
Co-Directed by: Jean-Frederic Noa and Steve Tiplady
Puppets by: Anna Ingleby
Music by: Haviel Perdana
Performed by: Anna Ingleby & Jean-Frederic Noa
Video TV Inserts: Havi Ibrahim
Translation / Dramaturgy / Literary Advisor: Dr.Philip Crispin

Follow this link to see a Video Trailer of Shakespeare versus Moliѐre

An ideal stimulus for:
Post – show discussion on the current migrant situation
A workshop on puppet / object theatre techniques as a powerful means of theatrical expression.
This production was selected for a development residency in Billom, Auvergne, France to develop into a full 60 minutes piece, for performing in France prior to its full length UK premiere at the Heads Up Festival, part of Hull City of Culture 2017 – March 8th – 12th at the Indigo Moon Studio Theatre.

Shakespeare versus Moliere is currently available for UK bookings during early November 2017. Follow this link for any forthcoming show dates.

The initial 45 min work in progress was performed at Beverley Puppet Festival 2016.

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