Helen Evans developed a love of music from an early age and as a child she sang, played piano, clarinet and guitar. She became interested in Indian music and Indonesian music when she studied at SOAS in the early ’90s. It was then she started to learn the sitar and went on to spend time in Varanasi and Rajasthan learning traditional music.

She has created her own style of playing sitar, which is based on the melodies and rhythms of Indian folk and classical music, to accompany the dances of the kathputli characters, especially Saraswati. Helen also plays gamelan music from Indonesia, and spent several years in Yogyakarta learning Javanese gamelan music.

She has worked with Anna since before Indigo Moon Theatre existed, when they worked either as individual freelancers or for Kabutar Theatre co. Helen has created original music and accompanied shows such as The Catfish and the Witch and a series of stories for CBeebies’ Storymakers. Either Helen or a table player accompanies Saraswati in performances and workshops across the UK. She has also worked as an education project manager for several music organisations in London, where she is based.

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