Although our colourful and immersive productions stand alone for entertainment value, they also tackle subjects such as the environment, tolerance and international understanding. Many of our shows can either enhance curriculum targets of a particular subject or teach valuable life lessons, which is why we are just as much at home performing in schools as we are in theatres. Our experience extends to working with people from all walks of life, including the elderly and adults with learning difficulties.

We also offer creative workshops, such as shadow puppet making and shadow theatre techniques – many other types of puppet making too – as well as professional training for adults.

Contact us for more information on workshops, training, or bringing a show to your school, college, university, indoor or outdoor festival, village hall or theatre / Arts venue.

Why use puppetry in education?
– Everyone, regardless of age or ability, can participate in puppetry at some level.
– Puppetry promotes language development, confidence and communication.
– Puppetry teaches about different cultures.
– The cross-disciplinary nature of Puppetry makes its process relevant to art click here and design, music, drama and theatre studies, dance, literacy, speaking & listening, as well as science and technology subjects… but these can all be used to approach just about any topic of choice!
– Puppetry is excellent form of expression and body control – and – like mask theatre – can act like a transitional object enabling the safe expression of otherwise difficult subject matter, through the performer being masked by an alternative identity.

“It has certainly inspired many of them and we can sense already that some really exciting work will be generated for our own production of ‘Arabian Nights’.” – Woldingham School


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JUNGLE BOOK Jungle Book tells a surprisingly good story that harkens back to the poetry & spirit of Rudyard Kipling's original books. VIEW MERMARELLA From one of its earliest beginnings in ancient Egypt, a story best known across the globe as Cinderella shape-shifts its common threads into the world of the seas. View ALADDIN This colourful tale from the Arabian Nights is set in the Middle East VIEW THE LOST FOREST There’s magic and mayhem in the rainforest! VIEW ALICE AND THE WHITE RABBIT Join Alice on her magical adventure as she chases the White rabbit back in time on a fantastic spiralling journey into Wonderland. VIEW THE WORM THAT SQUIRMED A contemporary show for children or adults alike. VIEW SARASWATI Saraswati has delighted audiences in many places both in Britain and abroad since 1992. She dances in traditional Rajasthani folk style, as well as reacting to her audience in her own particular way. VIEW