*NEW FOR 2021*

A brand new solo show unfolding from a single suitcase, suitable for all ages.

About SeedHeart; a brand new solo show from Indigo Moon Theatre

Meet Grey. Our journey begins as Grey finds themselves trapped inside a jar. They try to remember how they got there and how they could be free…

SeedHeart tells the important tale of human impact on the environment and questions what we can do to restore our once green planet, with interactive chaos in the laboratory on the way!

Watch as our story unfolds (literally) from a single suitcase, and follow Grey’s journey to a better future with magical pop-ups, puppetry and interactive scenes.

Duration: 30 minutes

Directed by Steve Tiplady & Haviel Perdana
Performed by Anna Ingleby
Original Music by Haviel Perdana
Scenery by Haviel Perdana & Anna Ingleby

Main character adapted from 3D-printed filabod rod & marionette puppets by Nik Palmer

Additional Educational Resources developed with Manju Gregory & Susanna Samanek


We’re sharing a special screening of our brand new solo show, SeedHeart, as part of the 2021 Moving Parts: Newcastle Puppetry Festival! This year the festival is moving online and you’ll be able to watch SeedHeart through your screens as part of their Scratch Space series. Booking is essential but tickets are available on a donation basis. Book now and enjoy an evening of exciting puppetry!

Friday 6 August

Tickets: Pay What You Can (Booking Essential)


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Our new marionette, Grey, jumps on top of the suitcase at the beginning of our new show SeedHeart